Meeting Mohammad Ahmed

Even in the predawn hours of a cold Tuesday morning, there is a warmth about Mohammad Hammad Ahmed that you can’t escape. He’s humble, intelligent and easy-going. Ahmed is also a devout Muslim, but while his religion plays a defining role in his life, it’s not the only thing that defines him. There are many titles you can assign to him. UW Senior. Biology Major. Pre-Med student. Muslim Student Association President. All of these represent who he his and help to define his character. Yet, too often, unfair media stereotypes define the Muslim community, leading to misunderstanding and anger towards them.

Ahmed is a leader who works hard to learn more about his faith and to guide the Muslim Student Association (M.S.A.) at the University of Washington. He attends classes on the weekends to study his religion. As President of the M.S.A., he helped to organize the Muslim Student Association’s 11th annual Fast-a-thon. As a student, he has mid-terms and frequents the UW’s Intramural Activities Center (IMA). Mohammad Ahmed allowed me into his personal life for a week to see what role his religion played in his life and what it is like to be a Muslim at the UW.