About This Blog

Like the new system for electing city council members in Seattle, Dan V. World is a hybrid. Established in 2013 for my first journalism class at the UW, Dan has grown into something of a news repository for Seattle and its neighborhoods as well as growing portfolio. This website’s goal is to present the news to people in Seattle who otherwise wouldn’t read it. If this website had a special sauce, its recipe would be as follows:


Seattle at its finest.

Slice-o’-Seattle Civic Pie

  • 1 cup politics
  • 1/4 cup public interest
  • 1/2 cup features
  • Mix in extra explanation as needed
  • 8 oz. of social justice
  • Garnish with good writing
  • Serve hot

All reporting is original (unless otherwise cited), all photographs are my own, and all rights are reserved – though, if you can make a compelling case to use something you like, I’m sure we can work something out. Some of the stories have been picked up or reported on specifically for other publications – out respect for their website, I’ve posted the lead and a link to the full story, hosted on their website. Sharing your Seattle’s stories is my greatest honor a massive pleasure. If you have a story, news tip or cool shindig you’d like featured or photographed, please feel free to contact me using the form below. This isn’t a commercial venture – the ads that show up from time-to-time are there from the host of the website, not my own doing. Thanks for stopping by and – as always – stay awesome, Seattle. Regards, Stephan Daniel Asad Yhann