Secretive in Seattle

On Tuesday, December 3rd, a handpicked group of 160 Precinct Committee Officers for the Democratic Party selected the next State Representative and State Senator for Seattle’s 43rd Legislative District. We go behind the… Continue reading

Two Thousand Turkeys

St. Mary’s Food Bank, located in Seattle’s Central District, set out on a mission to distribute 2,000 Turkeys the week before Thanksgiving. I spent a Saturday at St. Mary’s to see how they… Continue reading

Broad Coalition Calls on State Senate to Pass Transportation Bill

SEATTLE, Wash. – With the clock ticking towards drastic cuts to King County Metro, County Executive Dow Constantine had just one message for leaders in the state Senate: “The time for talk is over.”… Continue reading

After Almost 100 Years, Seattle Voters Change Council Elections

When it to politics of change, Seattle voters are veterans. They’ve embraced new taxes, gay marriage, and legal pot by overwhelming margins. Yet, despite this, there is one area city has resisted changing… Continue reading

City Sounds: On the Hill

A veteran of Capitol Hill talks us through the essence of one of Seattle’s most vibrant neighborhoods at night. 

For Perry, Pro-Business Ads a Treasure Trove

Governor’s Campaign to Attract Businesses has Political Upsides. More than a year after his quixotic run for the White House, Governor Perry is once again gracing the airwaves. And this time, there’s no… Continue reading

Can We Believe?

In 2008, young, first time voters packed the polls and pounded the pavement in record numbers to elect a president who promised not only to change the way politics in Washington, D.C. worked,… Continue reading

The Youth Vote

In American politics, the Youth Vote is analogous to a Hail Mary: an exciting play, but one rarely in anything but the most desperate of circumstances. Of all age groups, youth voters (those… Continue reading